Our Services

You would like to offer an orignal gift, you would like to discover Italy through gastronomy or you are looking for a reliable business partner that can offer great quality products for your business, then, our company can help you in your quest... If you want more info about one service described below, do not hesitate to contact us...

Gift Box & Baskets

For special events, a special gift is needed. We can create on your demand an elegant and orginal composition. We can customize our composition using chest,coffers, baskets or any other packaging component. Each composition is unique and based on your requirements.

We create with you, the gift that your or your company, is about to offer, to friends,customers, collaborators,... Our best spumante, wine, liquors,pasta and other treasures of italian gastronomy will be the most elegant and original gift in any situation.

Just vist us in order to create toegether the unique gift you want to offer. For more information, contact us or better visit us !

Wine Tasting

You and your friends have a passion for wine and you would like to organize a wine tasting session…. Our company can host your tasting session in our facilities and helps you to organize your events. You undertake to warn the participants of this evening and we make the rest.


You choose, alone or with our adviser, the wines you want to taste (choice among the list of our wines ). The meeting of tasting is followed by a cold snack We place our buildings at your disposal as well as the material (glasses, seals, charts…). We will take care of the service.


The reservation must be carried out 15 days in advance. A reservation is carried out only by telephone to the 02/410.26.03. The cancellation of a reservation must be carried out 3 days before the meeting. If not, a fixed price of 15 euros will be counted The price is fixed in advance by mutual agreement and varies according to the number of wines selected. The payment is carried out just before the tasting event.


The number of participants is limited to 15 people (maximum). Possibility of tasting between 5 and 10 wines (10 wines maximum).

Wine Voucher

What's a Wine Voucher ?

Ok, this is a simple Voucher. You can get a voucher from our company shop and offer this voucher to another person (family member, friends,…). The owner of the voucher can then visit us and select which wine he wants to buy using the voucher.

How to obtain a Wine Voucher ?

Voucher wine can be obtained to our shop located in Brussels. Value of a standard Voucher is 25 Euro. The lifetime of a voucher wine is one year. On request, the value of the voucher can be adapted.

Secteur Horeca

Our company is working since several years with the professional of the food sector. So, if you are the owner of a restaurant, an hotel, or any other actors involved in the food industry, you can contact us,…

1. What can you expect from us ?

We offer you an interesting range of products covering wines, alcohols, pasta, Truffles, and other food products.We guarantee quality products. If a product present a quality problem, this product will be taken back and replaced.

What about Pricing ? As a professional, you benefit from wholesalers price. Reduction can be granted when quantities are important. Promotional prices are also applied when you are introducing new products on the market.

Order Delivery ? Yes, we take care of the delivery of your order to the location you’ve specified . This service is free of charge for any order value equal or greater than 371.84 euro. If the order is low of this value, a shipping cost can be asked to the client (cfr Terms and conditions).

Follow up ! We offer you the management and the follow up of your orders, order delivery, billing information, réclamation,…

Additional services are also available to our customers such as gifts services, wine voucher, events,…We want to build a real commercial relationship with our customers. In order to build and gain the trust of our customer, we can send representatives sales on regular basis to your company.

2. You want that our company takes contact with you ?

Please send us an email to info<@>italbere.be and we will contact you back!